Cyclone Films

KIA – One of Us

Director: Björn Rühmann
ProdCo: Zauberberg, Berlin
Agency: Innocean Worldwide Europe

About Cyclone Films


Cyclone Films is a Film Production Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer full Production Services for a wide range of budgets, from Music Videos to large budget TV Commercials for major global brands. We work throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Our driving force is our commitment to service – you get personal, hands-on production management, no matter what. We strive to ensure that production value is maximised, and your money is spent where it really matters: making stunning images.


“The true answer to dedicated service production in this beautiful country. Cyclone has never stood back or shrugged their shoulders when it came to solve a “case”.
They work in a great team and also take you as a part of it. Honest people with only good intentions when it comes to film making. Martin Heynecke is one of the nicest person I know and works in this business for ever. Fast. Silent Efficient.”

– Jule Everts, Executive Producer, BIGFISH Filmproduktion, Berlin


“Since 2002 I have shot many projects with them..Martin and the Cyclone crew are always enthusiastic, pushing the limits and doing a wonderful job”

– Marc Wilkins, Director, New York


“a unique location brought me back twice to Cape Town in 2010 and for the first time I had the opportunity to work with Cyclone Films and Producer Martin Heynecke.

I was instantly taken back to all the great advantages of shooting in South Africa. The amazing variety of locations, the light, the crew and even the casting, and finally the experience of working with Martin and Cyclone in a fast, delightful and light- minded fashion.

I can STRONGLY recommend working with him and his team. Super friendly movie makers make sure that you will get the job done with a giant smile on your face and a secure and fit production”

– Martin Werner, Director and Founder, Bacon, Copenhagen